About Phillyboyjay!!

Jay was born and raised in the beautiful city of Brotherly Love  sometime in 1987. The oldest of two children, Jay began mastering his cooking skills at the young  age of 11 yrs old under the tutoring of his paternal grandmother Gwendolyn.  Jay is a natural talent as he is able to  transform a basic dish into an extraordinary one with his immense creativity and eye for good taste. Cooking runs through his bloodline, as not only were his maternal grandfather a chef for 30 yrs, but his late father also had a skill for cooking which was recognized by neighbors within the community. Jay’s cooking style can be perfectly described in three words….. unique, creative, and versatile. He is a great teacher, friend, and much can be learned from his extensive culinary knowledge!!!!!


Welcome to Phillyjaycooking.com

Hey, we’re so glad you’re here and decided to visit our site!!!!! Let us share with you a little about our site and what we have to offer!! If you are looking to improve your cooking skills or just simply browsing to find something different to eat, you have come to the right place.Our website, Phillyjaycooking is useful in many many ways.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow. Our goal is to share new ideas and cooking methods with seasoned cooks to help expand their cooking knowledge and to effectively teach a cooking novice how to find their way around the kitchen. With our detailed and concise cooking tutorials, even the most inexperienced cooks will feel like a certified chef in no time.

We also know how demanding and strenuous cooking can be at times, especially some of our favorite but perplex recipes that require lots of time and precision. So here on phillyjaycooking.com we offer simple cooking tips and methods to make cooking feel effortless fun and easy. We have a galore of recipes that derive from all around the world. Everything from Soul food and Caribbean food to Italian, Mexican, and American cuisine. So don’t feel left out as we have enough recipes to accommodate people from all ethnic groups and cultures around the world. So  we hope that our site can be of good use and that you leave each time more informed and better at cooking.

Enjoy, PBJ~


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