Corned Beef Hash Recipe

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12oz Canned Corned Beef

2 Small Potatoes

3 Tbs Vegetable Oil

1 Medium Onion, chopped

1/2 Tsp Seasoning Salt

1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder

1/2 Tsp Black Pepper 

Corned Beef Hash 


PhillyBoyJay’s Corned Beef Hash Overview

Let me tell you about this delicious corned beef hash recipe guys. Before I get into the goods, let me address the bad. I’ve come across quite a few ignint folks who would called this slave food, whatever that means… some people say it looks like soft dog food…others call it poor man’s food…. all canned food is considered poor man’s food though because it’s usually very cheap and easy on the pockets. Well if they think this is poor man’s food… it’s some good ole delicious poor man’s food that I love to make from time to time for breakfast when I don’t have any sausage links, bacon, or cereal on hand. I make sure everytime I go shopping I pick up a can of corned beef.  This is my go to meal when I can’t think of anything else hot to cook for breakfast. Now make sure that when you pick up your can of corned beef that you don’t get the can that says “Corned Beef Hash” which means corned beef and potatoes. That’s the corned beef with the little small diced potatoes already in the can…. That stuff is no good… the potatoes have a funny taste and don’t look very appealing at all. Get the can that says “Corned beef” and make your own potatoes at home. I don’t even like the meat to potatoes ratio in the cans of corned beef hash…. way too many messy potatoes and not enough meat for my liking. Ewwww… I get mad just thinking about those little ugly square potatoes floating around in the can. They look like little balls of cholesterol hahahaha. But yea, this recipe is easy to make and it’s very good despite the naysayers who condemn it and call it dog food.. The Corned Beef is already on the salty side which is why you don’t need to add much seasoning but you can never go wrong adding a touch of garlic and pepper to meat.. what meat dont taste better with a hint of garlic and pepper? My step grandfather use to always make this during the winter on Saturday morning with a fried egg on the side.. topped with lots of hotsauce. He was from the south and southerners love to smother everything they eat with condiments and gravy hahahaha. If you haven’t tried corned beef hash you dont know what you’re missing.. it is GOOD and I mean GOOD… don’t knock it til ya try it as people always say. Yea it looks like dog food coming out the can, but it taste like heaven. Follow this recipe to a T and I bet you fall it love with it….You won’t call it poor man’s food anymore. After trying this corned beef hash out it will definitely become a breakfast staple in your home.


1. So to begin this recipe what you want to do first is boil your potatoes. Potatoes take longer to cook than corned beef, so we need to get them tender first before adding them to the corned beef. Peel the potato skin off with a skin peeler, then dice your potatoes into small size square shaped pieces. 

2. Afterwards, you’re going to get a small pot, fill it up with water, and place it over medium heat. Once the water comes to a boil, add your diced potatoes and boil for them for about 25 minutes until they’re a little tender. You don’t want to boil them for too long because we don’t want them to be as tender as mashed potatoes. We want the potatoes to be tender but solid. Once your potatoes are tender, drain the water and sit the potatoes aside.

3. Chop your onion into small to medium size pieces.

4. Place a skillet over medium heat, then add your oil.

5. We are going to sautee our potatoes and onions for a little bit just to rid of the rawness. I do this because it’s difficult to brown and sautee the onions and potatoes once you add the corned beef to the skillet. It gets in the way of the onions and potatoes browning. So add your onions and potatoes and sautee them for 5 minutes before adding the corned beef.

6. Season the onions and potatoes with the seasoning salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

7. After browning and seasonings the onions and potatoes, you’re going to stir in the corned beef.

8. Chop up and stir your corned beef while it’s cooking. Cook the corned beef for about 10 to12 minutes. Enjoy this recipe! It’s scrumptious and a great hearty meal for breakfast.

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Corned Beef Hash Recipe
May 21, 2016
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