French Fries Recipe




3 Medium Russet Potatoes

3 Cups Vegetable Oil

1 Tbs Seasoning Salt

1 Tbs Garlic Powder

1 Tbs Onion Powder



French Fries Sauce


2 Tbs Hellman’s Mayonnaise

1 Tbs Ketchup



French Fries


Homemade French Fries

These fries are bizzidy bomb bomb…. Man they are so good… and are special french fry sauce is just the cherry on top. These french fries are like a late night snack for me… something light and warm to snack on during the evening when Im a little hungry but dont want anything heavy to eat. They are easy and simple to make and are best served as a side dish but I eat them all by themselves, they’re just that good. Homemade french fries have their own unique taste, they dont tatse like french fries you you order from the store and they damn sure ain’t no McDonald copy cat french fries… they taste better to me.  I think these are best served with a homemade hamburger, fried chicken, or fried fish…. omg!!!!! Foodgasm!!! The combination of seasoning we use really gives the french fries an amazing taste, and the sauce puts the roof on fire…. give this simple and easy french fry recipe a try. You will make it again afterwards, trust me.


1. Peel off the potato skin…. some people actually like to keep the skin on the potatoes, so you can definitely leave the skin on if that’s how you like them. Whatever floats your boat… different strokes for different folks as they say…..

French-Fries-Recipe   French-Fries-Recipe

2. Then, cut your potatoes length wise, 1/4 inch in width.


3. Last but not least, cut the potatoes into french fry shapes.

French-Fries-Recipe   French-Fries-Recipe

4. Fill a bowl up with water and add your french fries to the bowl of water as you’re peeling and cutting the potatoes otherwise they may brown. I like to give my potatoes a nice rinse as well. So fill a bowl up with water, add the french fries, and rinse them really well. 


5. Now… we’re going to move onto the next step which is to create our french fry seasoning. This is what makes these french fries so good. Combine seasoning salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. Stir in well, then sit aside. 


6. Place a skillet over low heat. Preheat the oil for about 10 minutes or until it begins to bubble a bit.

7. While you oil is preheating,………… drain the water from the bowl of fries, then sit them aside. Pat the fries dry really well with a towel. This is really important because if you add damp fries to hot oil…. a VOLCANIC EXPLOSION is what you will get!!!!


8. Place the french fries into the skillet. Fry the fries for 9 minutes, then sit aside. We just fry them long enough to cook them all way through. This way our fries are nice and tender on the inside, that’s why we cook them on low heat so they cook inside out.


9. Afterwards, place the french fries in freezer for 20 to 30 minutes.  We place them in the freezer so they stiffen up because once we put them back into the skillet to brown them they will break due to how fragile they are. So the freezer just stiffens them up to make them easier to place back into the skillet.

10. Place the skillet over medium-high heat. Preheat the oil for 7 minutes.

11. Then place the french fries into the skillet. Fry for 7 to 8 minutes or until light brown. This time we fry them on high heat because we dont need to slow cook them we just want them to brown.

12. Once done, sit the fries aside on a paper toweled plate to drain the excess oil.


13. For french fry sauce, combine mayo and ketchup, then stir in well. This sauce taste so gooooood omg!!!!


14. Last but not least…. season the french fries with the seasonings we combined earlier and enjoy! These are best served straight from out the oil while they’re still hot. They are AMAZING!!!! Enjoy.

French-Fries-Recipe   French-Fries-Recipe

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