Fresh Homemade Lemonade Recipe



3 Qts Spring Water

4-1/2 Cups White Sugar

1 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon Peelings, chopped 

Tina’s Homemade Lemonade


Sweet Fresh Homemade Lemonade

It’s probably the spring or summer time if you’re looking for a Lemonade recipe. That’s not to say people can’t drink it during cool months but it is one of American’s favorite warm weather drinks. Who doesn’t like to bring a big cold glass of refreshing  lemonade to the family picnic or cookout? It’s not only delicious, but exactly the kind of drink you need during hot summer months after working out to help relax and chill your body…. along with a bottle of water of course…..It doesn’t just quench your thirst but it refreshes your soul…. that feeling when you’re drinking it down, as the sweet and sour flavors pleases your tastebuds all while cooling you off… feels like you’re on cloud nine for a minute hahahaha But here’s the bad part… everybody as simple as it may seems….. can’t make good  homemade lemonade. I’ve had lemonade that tasted like sugar water because whoever made it didn’t add enough lemon juice. I’ve also tasted lemondade that had too much lemon juice and not enough sugar…. it taste like lemon water YUCK!!!! I especially hate the taste of old artificial lemon juice, you know the lemon juice from out the green bottle you had sitting in your refrigerator for months now? I try not to use that anymore….. except for when im making hot tea…. they claim it’s 100% lemon juice but I beg to differ….. it taste unantural and it just doesn’t compare to the taste of ORGANIC FRESH LEMON JUICE straight from the lemon itself. Because of these lemonade imbalances, too sugary or lemony… I decided to go home one day last summer when I was craving some lemonde and put my own recipe for lemonade together until an older friend of mind who lived in my old apartment building told me she knew how to make some banging lemonade. So she did… and it was the BEST lemonade I have ever tasted in my life… HANDS DOWN!!!! The PERFECT ratio of lemon and sugar!!!! It was so good that I kept going back for more… SHE TRULY MAKES SOME OF THE BEST LEMONADE IN THE WORLD….And how sweet of her to let me share this recipe with you all.  I have never been so infatuated and addicted to a drink like I am at times with food… but it was that good. Guys you are punishing yourselves if you dont give this recipe a shot. It’s delicious and very easy to make, only requiring 3 simple ingredients. Make this lemonade the next time you decide to bring some juice to the family cookout or go out on a picnic… you will be 150% SATSIFIED and happy you did.


1. Alright guys so this recipe is very simple, here is what you’re going to do first. First you’re going to get your lemons and slice each of your lemons in half. We do this because it’s easier to squeeze out the juice this way. After slicing them in half, use your hands or a citrus juicer to squeeze out the juice. Squeeze the juice into a measuring cup and make sure you get 1 cup worth of juice out of the lemons. That’s the amount needed for this recipe.

2. Now you’ll notice that there are seeds and a lot of lemon that comes out the lemons along with the lemon juice…. you can either discard the lemon seeds or keep them. I choose to keep them because I like to spit them out as im drinking my lemonade. Add the 1 cup of juice and the lemon peelings to a big pitcher or container.


  • I like to add the lemon peelings to the juice because I think it enhances the lemon flavor, almost like marinating.

3. Next you’re going to add your sugar.

4. Then last but not least, add your water, and give your fresh lemonade a nice stir….stir it in well for about 2 minutes to bring everything together. By the way, please use spring water…. don’t be lazy and substitute it with spigot water. Not only is spigot water nasty and leaves a bad after taste but it’s unhealthy. Store your lemonade in the refrigerator to chill and let all those flavors come together. It will taste 5 times better the next day so I recommend you prepare your lemonade the night before the cookout or picnic for best results……  AND MAKE SURE YOU SHAKE OR STIR REALLY WELL before serving! Enjoy!!!

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