Scrambled Eggs Recipe




4 Large Eggs

1 Tbs Margarine or Butter

1/2 Tsp Salt

1/4 Tsp Onion Powder

1/8 Tsp Black Pepper

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

PhillyBoyJay’s Scrambled Eggs

Eggs…. eggs, eggs, eggs….. eggs I do adore…. us chefs and cooks use eggs to create so many great dishes… without eggs you wouldn’t be able to make some of your favorite muffins, cakes, and pies….. or should I say they wouldn’t be nearly as good. Eggs are an essential part in making great food. They’re frequently used to bind breading to meats such as fish and chicken, and providing casseroles with structure…. but when you think of eggs the first thing you think of is BREAKFAST… and what is breakfast without some good ole tender seasoned scrambled eggs on the side. As much as we love to chow down on these unborn chickens, many people don’t know how to make them correctly… or at least without coming out the skillet browned. Brown eggs are an absolute NO NO. Some people over cook their eggs making them tough and rubbery… some over season them, and others simply don’t cook them long enough YUCK YUCK YUCK…. What we all want from our scrambled eggs are fluffiness, tenderness, and flavor… if your eggs are all of those 3, you are doing something right. But no worries, that’s what im here for.. to show you guys how to make the fluffiest, yellowist, most flavorful eggs ever. And believe it or not… it’s extremely simple. Here you’ll learn what you’re doing wrong and how to make some of the best scrambled eggs. Once you get the basics down pack you can customize them to your liking and add whatever seasonings you like to them… but learning to make them without browning them is key. Give this recipe a shot… you’ll walk away much more informed and excited about making eggs the next time you decide to cook some for breakfast.


1. What you’re going to do first is add your eggs to a small mixing bowl.

2. Season the eggs with salt, onion powder, and pepper, then whisk for 45 seconds or until the eggs and well battered.

3. Place skillet over low heat. Cooking the eggs slowly is the key to keeping the yellow… this is probably the most important step and key to making yellow BROWN-LESS eggs. Slow cooking eggs is soooooo important, I can’t emphasize that enough.  It’s the high heat that browns and dries out your eggs, resulting in them being rubbery and tough.

4. Next, add your margarine or butter to the skillet.

5. Once the margarine or butter melts, pour your battered eggs into the skillet. Let them cook for 1 full minute without touching them.

6. After 1 minute, begin stirring or scrambling, your eggs slowly. You’re going to scramble them for 2 full minutes. Now if you want small scrambled eggs, scramble and stir them vigorously while chopping them up…. for larger scrambled eggs, stir them slowly and don’t chop them up as much.

7. After 2 minutes, you’re going to cut  the fire off, but you’re not going to remove the eggs from the skillet just yet. They usually aren’t completely done after cooking on low heat for a total of just 3 minutes…. so keep the eggs in the warm heated skillet, tossing them lightly for an additional minute before serving. And there you have it.. yellow tender well seasoned scrambled eggs. Hope you enjoy!!!!

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Scrambled Eggs Recipe
May 21, 2016
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