Smothered Liver And Onions Recipe




2 Lbs Beef Liver

1 Large Onion, Chopped

2 Tbs Vegetable Oil

2 Tsp Margarine Or Butter

1-1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour

3 Cups Beef Broth

1 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce

1 Tbs Salt

1 Tsp Garlic Powder

1 Tsp Pepper


Smothered Liver And Onions

Smothered Liver And Onions



1. Slice beef liver into smaller pieces.

Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe

2. Chop onion into small pieces.


3. Place a skillet over high heat.

4. Add margarine or butter. Add onions, then saute onions for 2-1/2 minutes.

Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe

5. Once done, sit aside.

6. Combine flour, salt, garlic powder, and pepper, then stir in well.

Onions and Liver 12

7. Combine 1 cup of beef broth and 1 tbs of flour to create a slurry, then stir until flour is dissolved.


8. Place skillet over high heat. Preheat oil for 2 minutes.

9. Meanwhile, coat liver with flour. Place in skillet and fry on each side for 1 minute.

Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe

10. Add onions.


11. Add slurry, 2 cups of broth, and worcestershire sauce, then stir in well.


12. Cook on high heat until juice thickens.

Smothered-Liver-And-Onions-Recipe   Onions and Liver 10

                  Check Out My Video Tutorial

[schema type=”recipe” name=”Smothered Liver And Onions Recipe” author=”PhillyBoyJay” pubdate=”2016-04-08″ image=”” description=”This recipe is very tasty and full of flavor. Try it out and you will love it.” prepmins=”20″ cookmins=”20″ ingrt_1=”2lbs Beef Liver” ingrt_2=”1 Large Onion” ingrt_3=”3 Cups Beef Broth” ingrt_4=”1-1/2 Cups Flour” ingrt_5=”2 Tbs Oil” ingrt_6=”2 Tsp Margarine Or Butter” ingrt_7=”1 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce” ingrt_8=”1 Tbs Salt” ingrt_9=”1 Tsp Garlic Power” ingrt_10=”1 Tsp Pepper” ingrt_11=”” instructions=”1. Slice beef liver into smaller pieces as shown in video 2. Chop big onion into small pieces 3. Place a pan over high heat 4. Add butter and onions and fry until onions brown, Approximately 3 mins 5. Remove and sit onions aside 6. Combine flour, with salt, garlic powder and pepper 7. Combine 1 Cup Of Beef Broth With 1 Tbs Of Flour To Create A Slurry, And Stir Until Flour Is Dissolved 8. Place pan over high heat and add oil. Let pre heat for 2 minutes 9. Meanwhile coat liver pieces in flour, then place in frying pan and fry on each side for 1 minute 10. Add onions to pan along with slurry and 2 cups of beef broth 11. Add Worcestershire sauce 12. Cook on high heat until juice turns into a gravy” ]


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