Spam Egg And Cheese Sandwich Recipe



4 Pieces of Spam, sliced

2 Tbs Vegetable Oil

1 Large Egg

2 Slices of  Toasted White Bread

1 Slice of Singles White American Cheese 

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Black Pepper


Spam Egg And Cheese Sandwich

spam egg and cheese sandwich3

The World’s Best Breakfast Sandwich

I love breakfast sandwiches…. but there’s no breakfast sandwich I love more than a spam egg and cheese sandwich. I fell in love with spam egg and cheese sandwiches as a kid during the 3rd grade. There was a food stand that sold breakfast and lunch right outside of my elementary school in North Philadelphia, which was only a few blocks from where I lived.  I obviously didn’t want to go to school… but most kids don’t…. they’d rather sit home and watch their favorite morning cartoons. But I remember these delicious spam egg and cheese sandwiches always being the one thing to put a smile on my pouting face. This scrumptious breakfast sandwich was all I needed to brighten up my day, I enjoyed them that much. Nowadays, I don’t make them as much only because im barely up in the early morning hahahaha but when I am this is one of my go to breakfast recipes. This sandwich is delicious and the best part of all is, it takes no longer than 10 minutes to make. So you don’t have to suffer in hunger having to wait 30 minutes to throw the smack down on this sammitch. Check this recipe out, you’re going to love it!!!!


1. Ok, so what you’re going to do first is open your can of spam! You’re only going to be using about half or a little less than half of the can. Slice the spam into 4 thin to medium size pieces. How thick you cut your spam is totally up to you!

2. Next, you’re going to add your egg to a small bowl. Season the egg with a pinch of salt and pepper, then beat it in for 45 seconds to ensure it’s well battered. The reason I don’t use much salt on a spam egg and cheese sandwich is because spam is pretty salty. There’s a good amount of sodium in cheese as well so, salt isn’t even neccesary. Now you can add a pinch of onion or garlic powder if you like but this is a recipe that you dont want to over season because you’re going to get all the flavor you need from the spam and cheese!

3. Place a skillet over medium-high heat. We do not need to slow cook this we just want to brown the spam. I believe they are already partially cooked so browning them is all we want to do. Add the oil and wait about a minute for the oil to get hot, then add the spam. Fry the spam for 2 minutes on each side or until they are nice and crispy. DON’T OVERCOOK THE SPAM!!! Doing so will result in dry burnt spam!

4. Once done, remove the spam and place them onto a slice of toasted bread.

5. Place the same skillet over low heat this time. We’re frying the egg now so you need to cook it on low.

6. Pour the egg into the skillet! Make sure the egg is spreaded out. 

7. After about 2 minutes, once the egg is nearly done, slice your cheese single in half and place it onto the egg.

8. Fold the egg and place it over the spam and toasted bread to create a Spam Egg & Cheese sandwich. You are going to love this amazingly delicious breakfast sandwich! And trust me, you’ll be making it again…. Enjoy!

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