Spam Egg And Cheese Sandwich Recipe




8 Pieces of Spam, thinly sliced

4 Tbs Vegetable Oil

2 Large Eggs

4 Slices of White Bread

2 Slices of White American Cheese

1/4 Tsp Black Pepper


Spam Egg And Cheese Sandwich



The World’s Best Breakfast Sandwich

I love breakfast sandwiches…. eggs and cheese goes together like steak and gravy…. one of food’s most delicious combinations…. and add some crispy spam to that and you have a World Class breakfast sandwich. I fell in love with spam egg and cheese sandwiches as a kid during the 3rd grade. There was a food stand that sold breakfast and lunch right outside of my elementary school in North Philadelphia, which was only a few blocks from where I lived.  I obviously didn’t want to go to school… but most kids don’t…. they’d rather sit home and watch their favorite morning cartoons. But I remember these delicious spam egg and cheese sandwiches always being the one thing to put a smile on my pouting face. This scrumptious divine breakfast sandwich was all I needed to get my day started…. and I don’t make them as much nowadays only because im barely up in the early morning hahahaha but when I do get up early this is one of my go to breakfast recipes. This sandwich is like a pleasure pill… it taste soooo good and makes ya feel good…. And the best part is it’s very easy to make and takes no longer than 15 minutes to cook. So you don’t have to suffer in hunger having to wait 30 minutes to throw the smack down on these babies. Check this recipe out it’s AMAZING!!!!


1. Ok so what you’re going to do first is add your eggs to a small bowl. Season the eggs with pepper, then whisk for 45 seconds until they are well battered. “No salt”? you might ask…. No, nooooo salt. The reason being is because spam is very salt and gives this sandwich all the taste it needs. Seasoning the egg would be asking for trouble. Besides, cheese is pretty high in sodium as well so no salt… I repeat NO SALT. You can add a lil onion or garlic powder if you want but this is a recipe that you dont want to over season because it may alter the taste…. you’re going to get all the flavor you need from this sammitch!


2. Next, open your cans of spam and slice the spam into 8 thin to medium size pieces.

3. Place a skillet over high heat. We do not need to slow cook this we just want to brown the spam.. I believe they are already partially cooked so browning is all we want. Add the oil and wait for about a minute before adding the spam. Fry the spam for 3 to 3-1/2 minutes per side or until they are nice and brown and crispy. Do not overcook your spam because you don’t want it to come out hard and dry…..

Spam-Egg-And-Cheese-Sandwich-Recipe   Spam-Egg-And-Cheese-Sandwich-Recipe

4. Once done, remove the spam and place 4 slices of spam on 2 slices of bread. We’re making 2 sammitches!!!!


5. Place the same skillet over low heat this time. We are making the eggs now so you need to cook them on low. Cooking eggs on high heat results in brown burnt eggs and that’s a no no!!!

6. Pour the eggs into the skillet making sure it fills out the whole skillet.


7. Once the eggs are near done, after about 2 minutes, slice it in half.

8. Slice your single cheese in half and add to each egg.


9. Fold each egg and cut off heat.


10. Place the cheese eggs over spam.


11. Follow that up by add your top slice of bread to make a sandwich, then slice each sandwich in half. When we would get these add the food stand outside my school they would toast the bread… most people prefer their bread toasted… so do I…. but toasting the bread is an option. Enjoy this amazingly delicious breakfast sandwich…. you are going to love it!

Spam-Egg-And-Cheese-Sandwich-Recipe   Spam-Egg-And-Cheese-Sandwich-Recipe

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Spam Egg And Cheese Sandwich
May 21, 2016
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