Homemade Buffalo Wings

                        HOMEMADE BUFFALO WINGS

                                           “Seasoned wingettes, fried to perfection, then

                                         coated with a finger-licking good buffalo sauce”



Hot wings, hot wings, hot wings, some folks call them buffalo wings but don’t ask me why. I looooove me some buffalo wings and that’s probably because I like hot sauce. Hot sauce is my favorite condiment, so it should come as no surprise that I like buffalo wings!!! Buffalo wings aka hot wings are the perfect finger food for cocktail parties, birthday parties, sports events, and get-togethers.


I have a friend who makes buffalo wings every year for his annual Super Bowl party. Buffalo wings are one thing you will always find at Super Bowl parties so if you are a football fan and host Super Bowl parties, bookmark this recipe. Now, I make my buffalo wings a little differently than most recipes i’ve seen. I use a little ketchup to make the buffalo sauce, and I fry my chicken without flour; read the full recipe below to see why. 


I use to eat buffalo wings all the time as a adolescent… it was my go to order when there was no cooked food in the fridge. I’d beg my grandma and aunt to order some from the fast food spot down the street. In Philly, which is where i’m from, there are corner stores on almost every block. Either a Dominican store (we call them papi stores), Chinese store, or a fast food store. I ordered buffalo wings like twice a week but as I got older I grew bored of them, not because I no longer liked them, but because they tasted so basic!


So I decided to experiment with the sauce and create my own recipe and i’m glad I did because I came up with a method and added some ingredients to create the world’s best buffalo wings recipe. Everyone who has ever tried my buffalo wings rant and rave about how good they are and how much they love them. And of course they always ask for the recipe, so check the recipe out and tell me whatchu think. You’re going to love them!




25-30 Wingettes

3 Cups Vegetable Oil

2 Tbs Butter

1/2 Cup Frank’s Original Redhot Sauce

3 Tbs Ketchup 

1/4 Tsp Salt

1/4 Tsp Black Pepper

1/4 Tsp Crushed Red Peppers (Optional)




1. What you’re going to do first is fill a big bowl with cool water. Add 1 tbs of salt to the water to create a salt water solution, then place your frozen wingettes aka wing dings in the water and let them sit until thawed. Once thawed, wash and rinse them, then sit them aside.


2. Now you’re going to season the wingettes! Pat them dry first, so they aren’t wet when you add them to the hot oil.


  • Wet meat + Hot oil = Volcanic explosion.  


Season them with only the salt and pepper, then massage the seasonings in well.


  • You add the crushed red peppers to the buffalo sauce later on.
  • As you can see in my list of ingredients, I am only using an exiguous amount of salt and pepper. That’s because there’s a lot of sodium in hot sauce and ketchup and we don’t want salty wings. I still like to use a small amount of salt and pepper however, just to ensure the wings are well seasoned. 



3. Now, you’re going to move over to the stove because it’s time to fry the wings. So get a skillet and place it over medium-high heat, then add the oil.


  • The amount of oil I used, which was 3 cups may not be necessary… I used a large skillet so I needed lots of oil. Your skillet maybe smaller so you maybe able to get the job done using less oil.


4. Let the oil preheat for about 4 to 5 minutes. Once hot, add the wingettes and fry them for 15 minutes, then sit them aside on a paper towel to drain the excess oil. Fry the wingettes in batches, I used 25 wingettes so I fried about 12 to 13 at a time.


  • Make sure you flip them periodically as they fry so they brown evenly on each side. 



  • The reason I don’t fry the wingettes with flour is because the sauce causes the flour to swell up and the wings end up soggy. It’s important not to use flour, especially if you don’t plan on eating all the wingettes right away. Now if you plan on eating them all right after they’re done, then you can use flour but I find that frying them without flour helps them stay crispy longer.


5. The last step is to make the buffalo sauce. So you’re going to place a skillet over medium heat this time. Add the butter to the skillet and once it melts follow that up by adding the hot sauce, ketchup, and crushed red pepper flakes, then stir in well.



  • The butter adds texture to the sauce and helps it thicken. The ketchup helps to thicken the sauce as well but it also gives it balance. Im sure you probably haven’t heard of too many people using ketchup in buffalo wings but it adds sweetness to the sauce so that it’s not so bitter. Hot sauce can be a bit bitter at times and without a lil sweetness to balance things out the wings won’t taste as good. The ketchup also gives the sauce a boost in flavor, it’s a great addition to the sauce. Just wanted to put that out there because people’s eye brows always raise when I tell them I used ketchup in my buffalo sauce.


6. Once the sauce is well blended, add your crispy wingettes to the sauce and toss them until they are well coated. Let them cook for 3 to 5 minutes.


  • Cooking them in the sauce for a few minutes allow the sauce to adhere and stick to the wingettes. I want to mention one last thing about the crispness of the wings. The small amount of buffalo sauce i’m using also allows the wings to stay crispy. Too much sauce will soften the skin of the wingettes as well. So remember that using a small amount of sauce, just enough to fully coat the wings is the key to retaining the crispness.



7. After 3 to 5 minutes cut the fire off and serve! These buffalo wings are so freaking good Pbj’s, yall are going to love them…. and they taste great and are commonly served with celery sticks and bleu cheese…. Enjoy!  






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